Detail View

PhenoImageShare's Detail View presents an expanded view of the selected image, along with its metadata. A high resolution version of the image is displayed alongside genotype information and associated annotations: phenotype, anatomical and/or freetext. Regions of interest (ROIs) associated with annotations can be visualised upon the image.

Image display and metadata

The screenshot below shows an high-res display of a selected image and associated metadata and genotype information.

Detail view default

Image ROIs and Annotations

When it comes to displaying the regions of interest and annotations associated with the image, you are provided with two options. Clicking on an annotation record in the "ROI & Annotations" panel displays details of the selected annotation. Similar information is shown in a pop-up box that appears when you hover over an annotation. In future releases, you will be able to display similar information when you over over the image.

Detail view annotations and ROIs