What is PhenoImageShare?

PhenoImageShare is an online cross-species, cross-repository tool enabling semantic discovery, browsing and complex annotations of phenotype images.


Today tools like OMERO make it easy for researchers to roll their own repository. These repositories are isolated; there is no single way of searching, browsing and/or annotating the images they contain. PhenoImageShare is building a mechanism to enable semantic discovery and annotation across a variety of underlying image repositories.

What is your definition of phenotype?

Our definition is broad. We include normal and abnormal. Gene expression, histopathology …

Do you just work with mouse images?

No, we just haven’t got round to the other species. We plan to include zebrafish, drosophila and perhaps plants too.

Who funds PhenoImageShare?

The BBSRC under grant BB/K019937/1.

Who works on PhenoImageShare?

PhenoImageShare is a collaboration between the MRC Human Genetics Unit, the Samples, Phenotypes and Ontologies team at the EMBL-EBI and Heriot-Watt University.

How do I cite PhenoImageShare?

Please use our latest paper:

Solomon Adebayo, Kenneth McLeod, Ilinca Tudose, David Osumi-Sutherland, Richard Baldock, Albert Burger, and Helen Parkinson. Phenoimageshare: An image annotation and query infrastructure.

In Proceedings of Phenotype Day 2015 at 23rd Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB 2015) Dublin, Ireland pages 20--23, 2015.

Conference proceedings here.

Download paper here.

Download bib file here.

My question isn’t listed! How can I contact you?

No problem. Please email: webmaster@phenoimageshare.org