PhenoImageShare - Overview

PhenoImageShare (PhiS) is an online cross-species, cross-repository tool enabling semantic discovery, browsing and complex annotations of phenotype images. PhIS provides web tools that support the discovery, search and sharing of these annotations and associated metadata and genotype information. The tools also allow for submission or registration of new image instances and their annotations. Support for submissions via pipelines will also be provided in future releases.

Users are provided with a number of options for querying the database and discovering images of interest. You can browse the PhIS repository by clicking your way through from the PhenoImageShare landing page. Selecting points from the charts on the landing page opens the search interface with the corresponding facets applied. You can then perform further filtering with the facets provided on the search interface. You can also perform a freetext search from the landing page or the search page or both. Freetext could be a gene (or gene symbol), allele, phenotype, anatomy term or stored annotations. Facets have top and second levels, with the second level ones being the data filters. Each top level data type has 1 or more subfacets which allows for data filtering.

Querying by clicking through

The screenshots below show a typical interaction flow when you begin your search by clicking through points on the charts on the landing page.

Clickthrough facility

Clickthrough search results

Freetext search - by anatomy term "heart"

Users can enter freetext such as gene or allele symbol, phenotype, anatomy or annotation term in the main input field of the index page. With the autosuggest facility, a list of database-indexed features or terms are provide automatically to the user, based on the entered keystrokes. Figure below shows a freetext search for anatomy term "heart".

Search from the landing page

Anatomy search results